The Tao of Blogs, Part I

Rob Hof

It's still a mystery to me why some of my blog posts get a lot of comments, while others seem to get lost in the ether. Lately, though, I have noticed one pattern: When I ask for help, I get it. A recent post requesting picks for best of the Web has produced 20 comments (a lot for me) and still counting. (Thanks, everybody!)

The tough thing for journalists, I think, is that we're supposed to provide answers, not just pose questions. So what makes a really good story--insight into an issue or person or company, wrapped up in a tidy, complete package--is precisely what doesn't work on a blog. People are more interested in responding to questions. Provide just answers, and, well, there's nothing more to say. I'm not sure that means there's no value in posts that tell rather than ask, that reveal rather than inquire. But like the know-it-all at a party, it seems they don't spark very interesting conversations.

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