The Energy R&D Morass

Michael Mandel

Everyone (well almost everyone) agrees that we need new ideas and new technologies to deal with a prospective energy crisis.

Well, well, well. If that's so, why does the new energy bill actually request less money for energy R&D in FY 2006? According to an analysis by AAAS, the FY2006 R&D request is actually 5% lower than the FY2005 level!

What kind of idiocy is this? Yes, the FY2006 request in the legislation may be overriden when it comes time to actually allocate the money, later this year. But the fact that the politicians are starting at a lower level is a bad sign. If the Democrats and Republicans can't manage to get a sizable increase in energy R&D in place as soon as possible, they just show that they don't understand how today's economy works.

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