As interviews get blogged, open-source journalism could take off

As sources start to blog interviews, as Mark Cuban did, reporters will have to change their behavior. But the process could lead to more open-source journalism.
Stephen Baker

Like it or not, we journalists are going to see our interviews, written or spoken, posted on blogs. That's what Mark Cuban did on Sunday. This two-way street will change behavior. We reporters will start having to ask if our questions are "on the record." And we (along with everyone else) will have to start treating each e-mail as if it will be published to the world.

This publishing of raw material creates an opening for more open-source journalism. One common complaint about blogs in the press is that they feed off mainstream stories. But as more of the reporting gets published, bloggers will have access to more of the raw material. This will make it easier to write original stories of their own--alternative takes on published stories. It would be interesting to see a blogger, with the Cuban interview and the Times story in hand, write another version of that column. Maybe Mark Cuban himself could do it.