Tracing apparent Web censorship in China

An blogger in Shanghai can't access a Morgan Stanley Website, and traces the blockage.
Stephen Baker

AsiaPundit shows with a tracing system how and where Web traffic is getting blocked in China. It started when the blogger was trying to call up a Morgan Stanley site from work.

"The connection failed at the ChinaNet backbone server. This is the same result that you get when you enter the URL for banned blogs, such as RConversation, or blocked news sites, such as the BBC."
Beyond signaling apparent censorship, he makes an economic point: "I'm in China's financial capital and I cannot access a relatively important financial website without using a proxy."

The paradox? If China were free of this type of authoritarian glitch, the country would be an even more formidable global competitor. For more on China's Web, follow Rebecca MacKinnon.

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