CBS and the Public Eye

A little on CBS Public Eye blog, that's launching in early September.
Heather Green

Just spoke with Larry Kramer, the very innovative head of CBS Digital Media who is rolling out online changes at the network's entertainment, news, and sports divisions.

He talked some about Public Eye, the blog that CBS News is launching in early September to create a dialogue between the news division and people who watch CBS News.

The idea, in Kramer's words, is for Vaughn Ververs, the blogger at Public Eye to moderate debates between people inside CBS News and people outside, to explain why and how CBS and the press overall is covering stories. And it will be complete with audio, video, and text. So, for instance, they could have the White House press secretary explain why CBS should have used a particular video and then have the CBS news director explain why they didn't. The blog will also address different issues of CBS' coverage that other bloggers are writing about, to engage in a dialogue.

This is a big step from CBS, which is linked inextricably to bloggers through the Dan Rather scandal. It will be interesting to see how they will deal with tough comments, and how they will address harsh criticism. It's a risk, but definitely something worth trying.

Vaughn Ververs is a former editor of The Hotline, a daily Web briefing on politics published by the National Journal. I never read it, so don't know him, frankly.

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