Feedster engages new list for marketing ploy

Feedster's new ranking includes a badge that could give the search engine valuable exposure on top blogs
Stephen Baker

New blog rankings are upon us, and they're sure to include lots of marketing twists. Feedster's new top 500 list comes with a Feedster Top 500 badge.

Feedster engages new list for marketing ploy
(No, we didn't make it...)
This gives the blogs boasting rights, while providing Feedster with a nice promotion. No wonder they made the list so long. Sites such as SingleServeCoffee are already picking it up. Two troubles: These badges might become jumbled as other search engines come out with competing rankings. (IceRocket's should be coming soon.) And I'm guessing the top 50 won't want to brag about being in the top 500. They'd probably be more interested in a more exclusive look.

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