Should bloggers disclose commercial relationships?

Points to a discussion about the ethics of blogs and advertising, and argues that in some mainstream pubs, the divide between church and state endures
Stephen Baker

Lots of interesting discussion on Dave Taylor's blog about bloggers and advertising. One quibble I have is that Dave groups all of mainstream media in the same bucket, and says we're all influenced by advertising.

I think there are vast differences among the publications. Long ago I worked at a weekly in Ludlow, Vermont, The Black River Tribune. There were two of us on the editorial staff, and the business guy had an equity stake in the paper. The three of us lived in the same house. When we angered advertisers, which was often, we never heard about it from him. Not even when we faced an adveriser boycott. The only difference was that when he gave us our weekly pay, we noticed that he didn't pay himself.

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