Is HP Losing its Inkjet Religion?

Buying Scitex shows that HP is losing its thermal inkjet religion to some degree.
Peter Burrows

In recent weeks, the world has gotten a much better sense of HP CEO Mark Hurd. If Carly Fiorina liked sweeping visions and bold growth strategies, this guy is pure pragmatism. That's why he's killed high-profile R&D projects, such as one effort led by former Xerox, Apple and Microsoft luminary Alan Kay to create a kind of next-generation Internet browser. And that's why he walked away from a high-profile deal to sell Apple's iPod, which was never going to be a big money-maker for the company. Even though HP is contractually locked out of the digital music player market for another year or so, Hurd evidently felt there's no time like the present to stop investing time and money in something that's not critical to the company's future.

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