Madden NFL 06

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Editor's Review

Four Stars
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The Good Expanded online community, with Fantasy Football updates as the real kicker

The Bad QB Vision feels gimmicky and seems to benefit veterans over rookies

The Bottom Line This year's version continues to define the football experience

When you sit down and think about it, John Madden has grown into some kind of phenomenon. I mean, sure, some people don't like the guy based on his history as a Raiders coach, and some feel that his commentary has grown to the point of being stale, despite his signing of a new contract with NBC that will take him yet again back to the broadcast booth. But over the years, he's been taking a part in building one of the most commanding franchises in video games. I remember when it all began back in the era of old-school computers and the Sega Genesis, when it was all about the joy of the game. Now as the series comes knocking on the door for the next generation, we get yet another installment for the current game machines, Madden NFL 06.

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