comScore and Bloggers

Pointing to some healthy skepticism that Fred Wilson brings to the recent comScore release on the state of the blogosphere.
Heather Green

What Fred Wilson said...

Amid all the flurry around comScore's "Behaviors of the Blogosphere" study, which is a good step towards understanding the state of blogs, Wilson brings some necessary skepticism, writing:

"There are some questionable stats in this report. Gizmodo over Engadget? Defamer over Boing Boing? I have my doubts about some of the blog specific data and the fact that Nick Denton was the co-sponsor of this report begs the question even more."

Anytime a report is co-sponsored by a company that may benefit, some healthy skepticism is warranted. Not cynicism, just skepticism. I don't have time to dig into the report, but that's my two cents. And again, I am with Wilson (who discloses he is an investor in comScore) in saying that more data, the better, because the more you have the more you can triangulate it and the better you can understand something as fast moving as blogs.

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