Out-of-the-way blogs, part II

If the secret to creative thinking is breaking away from routines, a tour of these off-subject blogs might spark a few ideas.
Stephen Baker

I went through all the comments to my post calling for off-subject blogs. My idea was to check out the sites and then post them here with short comments. So I start with a blog about New York's Chelsea Hotel. I read about Leonard Cohen's love affair with Janis Joplin, a funny piece about a guy having a run-in with the janitor over a spilled cup of coffee.


Long story short: a half hour later, I'm still here, presumably working, reading the first blog on the list. This is not time effective. I'll link to the blogs here. Then when I have time--just like everyone else--I'll sample them. One caveat. I'm looking more for single-subject blogs, less personal rambles.

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