Out-of-the-way blogs, part II

If the secret to creative thinking is breaking away from routines, a tour of these off-subject blogs might spark a few ideas.
Stephen Baker

I went through all the comments to my post calling for off-subject blogs. My idea was to check out the sites and then post them here with short comments. So I start with a blog about New York's Chelsea Hotel. I read about Leonard Cohen's love affair with Janis Joplin, a funny piece about a guy having a run-in with the janitor over a spilled cup of coffee.


Long story short: a half hour later, I'm still here, presumably working, reading the first blog on the list. This is not time effective. I'll link to the blogs here. Then when I have time--just like everyone else--I'll sample them. One caveat. I'm looking more for single-subject blogs, less personal rambles.

Random Web Search looks like Google, but promises to help you waste your time "more efficiently." (I don't need much help there.) Here's a site about attachment parenting. (I think the authors would find a lot to like the "slow food movement," nothing less than a craze in Italy.) Here's an Indian blog on spiritual awakenings, and another on southern Indian art. This one seems to be about Time. And this one is for people (like me) who don't have the time to go to France this summer. I think many of us have to watch it here. Go to a golf blog, and we're not stretching into new areas, but retreating into a comfort zone. For others, though, golf is as foreign as a sojourn on design sponge or screen printing. This one on quilting and sewing looks promising to me. As does this.

Professionals? Consider this one, from a psychiatrist, or this from a young doctor. Finally, 43 Things attempts to link your life, goals and desires to other people, much the way Flickr builds communities around photos.

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