Hire Right -- Or Be Left Behind

Small-business owners all too frequently make hiring decisions based on gut feelings about a person. Unfortunately, you can be easily fooled by your emotions. It’s absolutely critical that you invest in learning how to conduct a “behavioral” oriented interview, where you ask questions that require a candidate to answer how they have performed, vs. how they might perform. You need to assess what they have done, not what they think they will do. Anyone can imagine what they might do. You need someone who has been there and done that! Making a poor hiring decision can cost you plenty when you have a limited workforce. Imagine what would happen if you have five employees and one of them turns out to be a bust — 20% of your manpower is as good as gone. Who will be left to fill in for that person? You, that’s who! Don’t be cheap when it comes hiring right.

Carl Robinson Principal Advanced Leadership Consulting Seattle

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