Let's hear it for irrelevant blogs

Blogspotting is on the lookout for great blogs that have absolutely nothing to do with what we spend most of our time thinking about: business, the media and technology.
Stephen Baker

A couple of months ago, Dan Pink responded to this post by sending me a copy of his book, A Whole New Mind. The book makes the case that in a world with cheap computing and lots of ready workers in India and China, we have to bolster our creativity. This involves nurturing so-called right-brain areas, from design and humor to empathy.

To open ourselves to new ideas, Pink suggests an exercise. Go to a big magazine stand and buy 10 magazines that are totally outside our traditional interests. Then read them. If I remember right, he says that he got a couple of new ideas from baking and lawn design magazines.

My idea: Why not do this with blogs? It's cheaper and faster than buying a bunch of mags. Do any of you know great (and relatively unknown) blogs that have absolutely nothing to do with business, news or technology? Nominations are welcome. If enough come in, I'll put them in a post with links.

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