Confused in New York About RSS

Looking for insight on RSS and advertising.
Heather Green

I just read this commentary at CNET by Bill Flitter, co-founder of Pheedo and am left confused. Would love to get some input.

So, Flitter says that traditional publishers don't get RSS. Or he kind of says that. He writes that they have quickly adopted it (I frankly am surprised by how quickly).

But then he says they don't really understand it. I want an example though, to justify that idea. He seems to be saying that they aren't using it enough for advertising. Since he's in advertising, I guess it makes sense that he would put that perspective on it.

I thought that RSS advertising was still in its early stages and that traditional publishers that are trying this out, like the Washington Post, are right up there with the rest of the experimenters. Is my perception wrong?

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