Black Hats redux

Steve Hamm

I've been able to track down some additional info concerning this Cisco/Black Hat dustup. My posting of last Friday elicited a bunch of comments. Almost all negative. My reference to security expert Michael Lynn being fired by his employer, Internet Security Systems, appears to be wrong. I must have garbled info I grabbed off of Web news reports. My apologies. I changed the reference in the original posting to say he apparently quit.

I have been in touch with Cisco, and they said the other facts I recounted in the blog posting were correct. Of course, some of my critics have taken me to task for taking Cisco's side, so word that Cisco confirms my take on the incident would only confirm their suspicions. In fact, while not beholden to the company, I do agree with Cisco that it is dangerous to expose details of vulnerabilities in crucial Internet technology to a public that includes many malicious hackers. Here's Cisco's side of the story.

I'm still hoping to speak to Michael Lynn. I have feelers out.

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