What will be free?

Jimmy Wales asks for 10 Things that will be Free. How about 10 free things that we'll have to pay for?
Stephen Baker

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, sitting in on the Lessig Blog, is asking readers to come up with a list of 10 things that will be free. (From Doc Searls) This is for a speech he'll be giving in Germany. Readers have suggested wireless broadband access, Ivy League education (online), operating systems, and more.

I would add a wrinkle to the speech and list 10 free things that will not be free. Drinking water is one example. I remember living in Europe years ago and thinking that with time they'd be able to drink from the tap, like us. Little did I suspect that we'd follow their lead and pay for bottled water. Another far more contentious free/not free realm is speech. That one is too long and thorny for a blog post, but have at it in comments.

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