Sprucing up Flickr

Flickr last night announced on its blog some changes it was unveiling in search, all designed to make it easier to find photos.
Heather Green

Flickr just keeps improving, which is good sign for some among us who worried it might become less innovative under Yahoo...The company last night discussed on its blog some changes it was unveiling in search.

On the Yahoo's Search blog, Flickr's Stewart Butterfield explains:

"Both interestingness and clustering rely a lot on what people are doing, whether it's with the photos they like, or the tags they are using. You can think about it as people-powered searching."

One big innovation is clustering, a fairly hot search technology that it describes as a better way to explore photos. Basically, it helps rank tags of like things more closely together.

And then there is interestingness, a algorithm that ranks photos based on behavior such as who comments on a photo or how many clickthroughs it gets.

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