MIT's open-source story brings bloggers in

Open-source journalism at MIT's Tech Review produces informative article, but lacks strong point of view
Stephen Baker

Wouldn't you know it? I finally caught up with Wade Roush's open-source cover story in the paper issue of MIT's Tech Review. I had posted an item on it months ago. I find the resulting article to be a useful round-up of many tech trends. Lacks a strong point of view, though. Maybe it's because I know that hundreds of people participated in the editorial process, but it reads a bit as though all the sharp edges have been sanded down. That's not necessarily a bad thing. I'll bet this process thoroughly vetted it for errors. Still, I'd like to have Wade's feedback on this. (He's in Africa for a few weeks, and presumably not scouring Technorati for feeds.) In any case, I'm going to be studying this case, because I'd like to launch an experiment in the same vein on this blog.

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