Participatory Culture's Countdown

Ditty on Participatory Culture, the open source digital video service that's close to launching a beta version.
Heather Green

On Aug. 9, Participatory Culture plans to release a preview beta version of its open source digital video service.

This project fascinates me because it's a continuation of the open source, open community work that's bubbling up all over the Internet in order to make it easier for you and me and all the rest of us to create and share creative works.

I got to see a demo of this is a loud, crowded, pseudo-hip coffee shop downtown last week and it's amazing. It combines the file sharing software BitTorrent with RSS and video publishing software that the Participatory Culture folks came up.

The result: the tools and an online distribution channel that anyone can use to publish their videos online. Organizations that plan to use this include Creative Commons, Al Gore's new cable channel Current TV and Pancake Mountain, which publishes educational programming for children.

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