Donkey Konga 2

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The Good Many interesting play modes as well as some new mini-games that are worth a try

The Bad The music selection is hideous

The Bottom Line Players may turn to Donkey Kong Jungle Beat for bongo-banging fun

Release Date: 5/9/2005

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Namco

Genre: Music > General


One day at drum practice, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong begin arguing over each other's playing. Dixie Kong and Cranky Kong happen to walk by and see the two embroiled in a heated exchange. Dixie settles the spat by showing off her stunning skills. That's when Cranky comes up with a brilliant idea: It's time for the Kongs to go on tour!


Donkey Konga is back for more bongo pounding action, and fans of the original will no doubt immediately want to pick it up and have themselves a peripheral-pounding party. However, it annoys me that Nintendo didn't really do anything catchy to appeal to non believers. Because of this, the game feels very sub-standard, and the song list is atrocious. For hardcore fans only, I'm afraid.


+ Plenty of interesting play modes as well as a couple of new mini-games that are worth a try.

+ There's a shopping mall where you can buy custom drum sets.

+/- Gameplay is about the same, which is great news for fans and bad news for those who didn't like the original.

+/- Graphics still look bright and colorful, yet basic. The developers didn't exploit the hardware's power at all.

+/- Multiplayer elements are thrown in, but don't really come together like they should.

- The music selection is HIDEOUS. The Nintendo classics have been replaced by It's Been Awhile and Losing My Religion.


I'm not one to turn down a good rhythm/music game, but Donkey Konga 2 isn't a good fit for me. The gameplay's about the same, with nothing improved in terms of challenge (aside from some fun little mini-games), the graphics haven't really changed that much, and the song list has taken a nose dive, replacing fun J-Pop tunes with...Hilary Duff. Fans of the series may like it, but others may want to turn to Donkey Kong Jungle Beat for bongo-banging fun.

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