Taking a Look at the Mindjet Blog

MSNBC does short profile on the foray into corporate blogging by Mindjet, a Larkspur, Calif.-based software company.
Heather Green

The San Francisco Business Times via MSNBC takes a quick look at Mindjet, a software company, and its foray into corporate blogging. The corporate blog apparently brought in new visitors, interest in the company's software, and more interaction with potential customers.

"On March 25, Mindjet did what a small but growing number of companies have done: It launched a corporate web log or blog, posting everything from industry chitchat to product explanations to requests for beta testers."

Back in March, Steve Rubel at Micropersuasion wrote that soon after their launch, Mindjet began using some of their own software and data from BlogPulse to track visually how the conversations propograted around the Web about their blog.

Food for thought, via Eastwikkers.

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