More Mash-ups with Google Maps

Rob Hof

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The mash-ups keep on comin', and Google Maps is leading the way. O'Reilly Radar has a roundup, including one tracks the space shuttle. just let me know that they've done a map mash-up (a map-up? Naah, guess not) for their site, where you can check out what people are saying about apartment complexes around the country. Eric Rodenbeck of Stamen Design, creators of Mappr!, which we wrote about, pointed me to an impressive, if depressing, map mash-up of U.S. fatalities in the Iraq war. If all that's not enough, you can go hogwild at Google Maps Mania, where you can find links for everything from potholes in New York City to the delightfully juvenile Nuke your Ex. Keep 'em coming (in the Comments, down there)....

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