More Bloggers Needed

Ensight is also looking to bloggers, raising the question of whether there will soon be a scarcity of bloggers for these new startup blog networks.
Heather Green

A big day for blog employment. Jeremy Wright at the Ensight blog also says he's looking for bloggers for an project that's in the works. I love the fact that his description of a longer post is something that's 250 to 500 words. That's a short story here at BusinessWeek.

But someone has posted a comment that's even more telling:
"Ahh, yet another blog network? Space is getting tight."

It's true. Seems like not a week goes by without the announcement of a new network that's doing podcasting, video blogging or traditonal blogging. And even the mainstream guys, like CBS, are jumping in and adding these outlets.

But what do you think? With millions of bloggers out there, can there really be a scarcity of people to sign onto these networks?

UPDATE Oh Crap. Just realized that Steve and I posted on the same employment offering...I got thrown by his link to about the attributes needed to be a professional blogger! However, in a quick recovery, I will say that my post is different and I still really want to hear what you think about this.

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