Taking The Longer View

Here's BusinessWeek's annual guide to help you get the most out of your retirement

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Sure, retirement can still be about lolling on the beach. But many retirees are not ready to just veg out. They may be trading in their pinstripe suits for Hawaiian shirts and chinos and taking more time off than they used to, but they're still picking up a paycheck.

No matter how you see your retirement, it takes a lot of serious thought to get there. Financial planning is paramount, of course, because it gives you the freedom to make choices. So is the planning for what you will do with your time, and where you will live.

In BusinessWeek's Annual Retirement Guide, we help you think through these issues. We've tested new money-management services that will help you invest and spend wisely. We've looked at immediate annuities, which can be a good way to make sure you don't run out of money. We've also identified several great mutual funds, any of which can make a worthwhile addition to your portfolio.

Many retirees are choosing to work, often to fulfill a dream that got sidetracked by practical concerns. We look at how some are reinventing themselves for the next stage of their work lives. Finally, we show you how to make yourself more comfortable by incorporating practical design features into your home.

We hope this advice can help you make your retirement whatever you want it to be.

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