Online Extra: What's Your Dream Job?

Everybody probably has one, but not many folks know how to go about pinning it down. Here's help in figuring it out

"One day I'd like to..." How would you answer that question? Now is the time to fill in the blank, no matter how crazy or farfetched your answer might be. The responses just might provide a nugget of a dream-job idea.

Jeri Sedlar and Rick Miners, co-authors of Don't Retire, Rewire!, suggest answering the following questions to get you thinking.

1. Why do I want to find new work or pursue my dream job?

2. If it's for financial reasons, is it to replace, supplement, or continue to build up wealth?

3. How do I want to work: part-time, full-time, seasonally, on-call, project-by-project?

4. Where would I like to work: a corporation, on the beach, home office, retail store, science lab?

5. With whom do I want to work: alone, with my spouse or partner, prior co-workers, children, the elderly?

6. What current interests/themes/patterns do I have?

7. Which ones could lead me into a new career?

8. What things would I like to work with: animals, flowers, art, food, photography, cars?

9. What do/did I like/love in my current/most recent past work?

10. What do/did I dislike or even hate doing for work and why?

11. What accomplishments am I most proud of? Why?

12. What drives or motivates me to work beyond money?

13. What do I really value in my life that could affect my work-direction decision?

14. What skills/strengths do I want to use? What new ones do I want to get?

15. What are my "must haves" from my next work engagement?

16. What was the best job I ever had? Why?

17. Am I willing to go back to school or be an apprentice if my dream job called for it?

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