One way to save on gas

Amey Stone

Most of the advice on how to cut your gas bill is pretty basic stuff -- make sure your tires are inflated and the car is tuned up to increase fuel efficiency; plan your car trips ahead so you can combine errands or arrange to carpool.

But the folks at Shell just reminded me of another way to reduce your gas bill -- this time by a meaningful and fairly painless 5%: Use a gasoline rebate card. Shell has one, of course, and the Shell MasterCard grants 5% rebates on Shell gasoline purchase, plus 1 percent on anything else. The company estimates (based on $2.33 a gallon, which is about the national average now), that users save 11 cents a gallon.

It's not huge savings, but it's an easy way to get at least your family's price-per-gallon back down to $2.22. Not bad!

There are plenty of other gas rebate cards out there so shop around. Here's a report from Cincinnati station WCPO discussing a few other offers.

Does anyone have a favorite card to mention or additional advice on these programs to share?