NCAA Football 06 Review: Another year, another football game, another cliche abstract

Rating: 4 1/2 stars

Release Date: 07/11/2005

Publisher: EA Sports

Developer: EA Tiburon

Genre: Sports > Football

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Game Description:With all new features, redesigned graphics and improved gameplay, NCAA Football 06 continues to be the most authentic and realistic college football gaming experience. Gamers can act as Impact Players and single handedly break games wide open with highlight reel moves and special animations or take control of a program and make a run for the championship through a revamped Dynasty Mode. In addition, NCAA Football 06 has the exclusive license for college football videogames, and will be the only game to feature actual teams, stadiums and schools.

Game Review:Alligator style.Usually, when it comes to college football games, I find myself in the undergrad category. I just preferthe good ol' taste of NFL football madness over collegiate action. But that's not the case with NCAA Football 06, which has happily converted me with just about everything in the game being perfect. The gameplay is superb, the modes are deep, and the graphics easily fit in the "wow" category. The college ball game has risen to the next level.

The Score:+ Fantastic visuals, with revisualized player animations, hugely detailed fields, and lots of other neat features.+ Full Xbox Live support across the board.+ The gameplay is just as great as it's always been, and the ability to use the right analog stick to pull off jukes and other moves is classy.+ Hella-tastic modes, including a Race For the Heisman mode that's so detailed it's like going back to college.+ The Impact player system adds a new dynamic to an already solid football engine.+/- Some funny commentary is provided, but gets repetitive a bit too quickly. At least the rest of the audio is good, right down to the school cheers.

Bottom Line:As the next generation slowly begins to squeak its way onto the market, we have to wonder what the Xbox generation will be like from here on in. However, with excellent games like NCAA Football 06 arriving on shelves, we shouldn't have too much worry. The quality of this year's edition is unparalleled, especially when it comes to the heaping amount of modes included (Race For the Heisman in itself is stellar) and the gameplay that EA Tiburon has been working on for years to perfect. This game delivers far beyond what I expected.

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