Skype's Ambitions

Rob Hof

The Internet phone software phenom Skype revealed today that it has much bigger ambitions than helping people make calls for free. At AlwaysOn's Innovation Summit at Stanford University today, founder Niklas Zennstrom and chief benefactor Tim Draper, a venture capitalist with Draper Fisher Jurvetson, talked via Skype's new video service from Estonia, where the company was having a board meeting. There's a good detailed account at ZDNet's Between the Lines noting that Skype's starting to get takers for various other services such as voicemail and SkypeOut, which lets users call regular phones. But what struck me the most was Draper's comment on what Skype wants to be when it grows up (even more, that is). "This is a communications backbone," Draper said. "It'll be like a dashboard for all your communications. That's a lot more than selling minutes." A lot more indeed.

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