Good News For Local Wireless Data Services

Survey finds U.S. consumers more interested in local weather and traffic alerts via text messaging than groovy next gen wireless TV services.
Heather Green

Here something for wireless carriers that are trying to figure out which data services to think about---20% of U.S. households say they are interested in services that provide local weather and traffic alerts via text messaging.

By contrast, only 6% said they were interested in sports programming while 7% were interested in watching TV chips, according to TNS Telecoms, a telecom industry researcher that conducted the research. (Full disclosure, I didn't check out the methodology, though the press release says the company surveys 32,000 U.S. households each quarter.) ClickZ has an article with some insights from TNS folks.

Instinctively, without having done reporting, this seems right. I wonder everytime I see one of those Verizon VCast ads for wireless TV whether that's the most appealing data service. You have the thing in your hand, ok, sometimes you'll watch TV. But somehow, I think that you would want it more to get you information, to be useful in the moment, because it has that always connected ability. So yeah, local wireless services seem to make more sense.

Still, they do say that wireless TV is big is South Korea. It's a refrain that kind of reminds me of that Spinal Tap line: We're big in Japan....

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