TiVo Adds Ads

Cliff Edwards

It looks like TiVo is finally making it official. The folks who made it oh so easy to zip through ads now want their 3 million or so customers to start watching them.
As users fast-forward through certain commercials, there'll apparently be visual cues that allow you to click on the ad to get more information.
Can someone say "identity crisis?" After all, the digital video recording pioneer isn't making it any harder to fast-forward through ads. You can even program your remote to skip forward in 30-second increments (it's an open secret how to do this that the company could have remedied a long time ago). But TiVo seems to be trying to play nice with Hollywood and other major advertisers to boost the amount of cash they get for ad placements. Problem is, the ploy seems so obvious that you wonder whether there'll be any takers beyond the initial General Motors and The WB Network.

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