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The Good This game oozes personality like an over-ketchup'ed hamburger.

The Bad The controls make escaping intense moments pretty difficult.

The Bottom Line To enjoy Capcom's latest you need to accept it on its own terms


Killer 7 is a hard-boiled, visually stunning and surreal action adventure game that pits 7 alter egos of an eccentric hitman, Harmon Smith, against a powerful underworld kingpin and the advancing epidemic of the deadly Heaven's Smile virus. Harnessing the unique powers of his multiple personalities, Harmon's, Killer 7 must navigate a post-modern landscape to track down and assassinate the evil Kun Lan before his terrorist tactics and a depraved disease destroy the world.


If you have a philosophy paper due in a few days and you don't have a #$^%^&* clue what to write about allow me to point you to Capcom's blood-spattered title, Killer7, a macabre adventure that's chock full of all sorts of mind-twisting themes. A third and first person action adventure game, it allows you to switch between the seven deadly personalities of some crippled guy by the name of Harman Smith and assassinate these suicide bombing zombie-like creatures known as Heaven Smile. Killer7's simplified control scheme as well as its frenzied shooting makes it an easy game to play, though you may become stumped by its story, which is sometimes unclear and always flat out bizarre. However, if you stick with it you'll be generously rewarded with a twisted tale that'll leave you guessing until the very end. It also doesn't hurt that the game is quite easy on the eyes, featuring slick cel shading that is liquid cool. Extremely enjoyable to play as well as discuss, Killer7 is a welcome addition to both the GameCube and PS2 libraries.


+ This game oozes personality like an over-ketchup'ed hamburger. Killer7 has a sweet-looking anime quality to it that will definitely turn some heads. I'm also fond of the excessive gore, which includes spurting blood and much dismemberment. Character designs are equally impressive.

+ Killer7's on-rails control scheme is absolutely fantastic. It's about time an adventure game came along that doesn't force the player to wade through a %$^$% tutorial, though there is one if you need it.

+ Bang, bang, bang! The shooting is simplistic and a lot of fun. All of the Smiths have their own signature weapons, and firing them all is, pardon the corny pun, a total blast.

+ What a trippy story! It's sick as hell and devilishly twisted! I love every second of it.

+ Very cool soundtrack. A few of the themes are still rattling inside my head.

+/- Having to backtrack each and every time you kick the bucket (to pick up a dead character's body parts) is annoying, but that's the price you pay for dying. Don't do it again.

- The controls make escaping intense moments pretty difficult.


There are many people who despise this game with a passion, but that's their loss. Sure, the game's frustrating, and yes, its puzzles aren't the most sophisticated, but you can't sit there (well, I guess you can) and compare Killer7 to Splinter Cell or even Resident Evil. To enjoy Capcom's latest you need to accept it on its own terms, which is probably going to be difficult since you may have had the unabridged version of "The Way that Games Should Be" tattooed onto your squishy brains.

RELEASE DATE: 07/07/2005

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