Computer Science: The Movie?

Rob Hof

Computer Science: The Movie?

Apparently, all the tech industry needs to attract more people to become computer scientists is a good movie. Princeton University engineering school dean Maria Klawe also said at Microsoft's Faculty Summit today that she hoped Hermione Granger, Harry Potter's friend, would choose a career in computer science to help forestall what some see as a looming shortage of tech researchers. "I think that would really turn around our problem, especially for young girls," CNET writer Ina Fried quotes Klawe as saying.

Klawe didn't seem to be kidding. Now, to be fair, I bet she would agree with Bill Gates himself, who said there's no single solution. That's for sure. Seems like hiring a few good, enthusiastic elementary-school math teachers might spark kids' interest in technology careers a lot more than any Hollywood wizardry.

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