Big staff changes at BusinessWeek

Staff changes at BusinessWeek show growing importance of Online.
Stephen Baker

We were all summoned to a meeting about an hour ago where our editor in chief, Steve Adler, outlined a new structure atop BusinessWeek. The place had been infested with rumors about these changes for months.

The most important change (from a blog perspective) is that one managing editor position has been turned into three--count 'em--executive editor posts. Yet only one of these editors will focus on the paper-and-ink magazine. The other two will direct BW Online and new ventures. That means that two-thirds of the top editing team will be focused away from our paper magazine. Gives you an idea of where the growth is.

The news that generated by far the most buzz here is that the new exec editor for the magazine--and the only outsider--will be our former (and future) colleague, John Byrne. He was star writer at BusinessWeek before departing to run Fast Company. Now he's coming back, and we're all eager to see what tricks he learned outside this 43rd floor.