Small business blogs: A selection

Blogspotting asked for recommendations of small-biz blogs. The results ranged from a new Hollywood producer to a suburban Pittsburgh coffee shop.
Stephen Baker

Thanks for all the responses to my call for small business blogs. I went through the comments and put together these links, in no particular order, so it will be easier to check them out. They range from a first-time Hollywood producer to Aldo Coffee in Mt. Lebanon, Pa. (where I used to live, back when BW still had a Pittsburgh bureau). Here's a small biz site, run, naturally, by a small biz. This 55-person data recovery company bet that a blog with the voice of the CEO would pay dividends. BlogBridge is a three-person company that has an open-source aggregator. A British sheet metal company runs the Tinbasher blog, and a British tailor posts on English Cut. Here's one for those, as one reader writes, who are drawn to the "gloriously uneuphonious phenomenon of composting toilets." Hayden Trumpets teaches tooters not only how to hold the horn, but even how to breathe. This consultants' blog just debuted in June.

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