The Craft of Blog Writing

Heather Green

This sweet soliloquy by Wayne Hurlbert at Blog Business World about how blogging improves your writing skills dovetails into some thinking I have been doing lately.

I do believe that blogging develops a certain kind of writing skill. But I haven't found that it improves my writing in an article for BusinessWeek or a short story or a letter. (Which ok, yes, I admit it, I still do).

All these types of writing require different skills, different muscles, different voices. Hurlbert wisely writes that it takes practice to develop these skills.

There is a certain style that we learn to write in at BusinessWeek.
It is designed to make it easy for readers to read any story in the magazine and know what to expect and how to get into an article. It can feel limiting sometimes, though, the writers and editors at BW try to be aware of that and broaden it, while adhering to certain parameters.

The blogging style feels more folksy, more colloquial to me. I appreciate that outlet and it's a skill I am still working on. But it's still a jump when I move between writing an article and writing a blog post. It's like going from running to swimming.

Found the post via Carnival of the Vanities that Wallo World is hosting. Blog Business World explains that the Carnival of the Vanities "is the original collection of blog postings, assembling some of the best and wide ranging bloggers on the Internet."

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