Treo 650 Problems?

Cliff Edwards

So I'm an unabashed Treo lover. I love the great screen. I love that I can get a number of my business and personal e-mail accounts on it. I love the number of applications I can load.
I admit these things are so handy that I've often overlooked the little problems I encounter each day, like any tiny tap--even when I put the phone down--causes it to reset and turn off the wireless. I remember the Treo 600 had problems that many people overlooked because it was considered "new" technology.
But consider an e-mail I got today from Emma Murphy at the Neibart Group. She says two of hers have died and that her husband and a client are on their third each. She says the Cingular folks have been less than sympathetic. I took a look this morning at palmOne's support site (, and there doesn't seem to be any current issues the company is addressing for Cingular-branded phones, though there are for Sprint, Rogers Wireless and unlocked GSM phones purchased directly from palmOne.
Wondering if any other folks out there are having Treo issues beyond the much-publicized memory fix?