Is Blog Plagiarism Growing--and are the Fakes Convincing?

Wondering whether, in the wake of a couple of obvious plagiarised blogs, whether the practice is one the rise.
Heather Green

Fred Wilson is rightfully up in arms over having a recent posting scrapped by another blog, word for word, without attribution. Other bloggers, including Michael Parekh, say they have been victims of driveby scraping as well.

But doesn't it seem clear, when you compare the plagiarised postings to the original, that they are obvious fakes? Or maybe it just seems that way after you know they are fakes.

Amazingly, the fake postings leave in the links the original writers put in the post to some of their other musings. And as Parekh writes, one repurposed post even has a nonsensical headline: "Om Malik going to acquire Teleo."

Fred says these are being set up to make money off of advertising, such as adsense, but wouldn't you have to click on the ad for that to work?

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