Apple Wireless? Could Be Fun

What if Apple launched its own wireless service? I think this could be fun. In my crystal ball, I see.... A Shuffle phone. It picks phone numbers at random and dials them.
Olga Kharif

Over the past couple of weeks, bloggers like Om Malik and Lasha Krikheli have discussed the possibility of Apple becoming a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), like Virgin Mobile. An MVNO is, basically, a marketing company that sells wireless service running on another operator's network.

So, why doesn't Apple start its own wireless service? It's certainly gotten the brand to pull something like this off. And I can see how this service could be really fun, too.

I've been thinking about what such a service would be like, you know. Here are my top-10 ideas: 1. A Shuffle phone. It picks phone numbers at random and calls them up.

2. Voice mail boxes, saying, in Steve Jobs's voice, "Hi. If it's Bill Gates, hang up now, you... you... copycat!"
3. Ringtones, of the Windows operating system crashing.
4. Mobile dating service for Mac enthusiasts.
5. A phone in the shape of a cube. Or an apple.
6. A recharger in the shape of a flower. When you plug it in, the petals light up.
7. Mobile Pacman. The dots represent the head of Bill Gates.
8. An address book, with dates of official product launches marked up. (I wish!)
9. Higher wireless bills. An average wireless service costs $30? Well, Apple comes at a premium, my friend! We are talking $60 a month, easily.
10. Bad reception in households/offices with PCs.

Do you have any additions?:-) Feel free to post.

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