What's the Worth of Blog Search?

Chat with Joe Kraus, co-founder of Wiki upstart Jotspot about the true utility of blog search services.
Heather Green

Had a nice sit down outside in the sun with Joe Kraus who shared some thought-provoking ideas about what he thinks is the true utility of blog search services.

(Kraus is the co-founds of Jotspot, a startup that's trying to harness the power of Wikis to improve collaboration within companies. And he's an investor is other startups, including Feedster.)

For him, the appeal and strength of search blog services such as Technorati or Feedster isn't in their ability to do one-off searches. (The kind of keyword searches we typically associate with Google). Instead, their power comes from offering services that allow you to aggregate lots of information from the blogosphere about a topic, brand, company etc over time.

One sub point: What he finds compelling in that aggregated mixture isn't so much the range of what people are writing, as what people are reading. He says that by looking at what most of people are reading about a topic, brand, etc. you can tell what the blog influencers (which is basically anyone using blogs right now) are thinking.

And he thinks that audience will remain influencers for a while, since while blogs are growing quickly it will take another 10 years until they are solidly mainstream, he says.

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