More on Blog Search and Aggregating

Heather Green

More powder for Joe Kraus' point made here earlier that the real strength of Technorati and Feedster lies in tracking trends in the blogosphere --rather than dishing up simple search.

Tom Foremski at SiliconValleyWatcher writes that Peter Hirshberg, who is on Technorati's advisory board, played up the service's blog tracking service on a recent panel.

Writes Tom:

"Mr Hirshberg talked about the current tracking services that Technorati offers, and new products coming that will offer a deeper analysis of web blogs and will assign a value of authority, and other tags. All the better to more accurately distinguish how important a blog post is, the sphere of influence of a particular blogger, and the many number of ways to slice and dice the wealth of blog data Technorati is collecting and selling."

An interesting insight, given all the hubbub about Yahoo, Google, and blog search offerings.

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