Blogging For Dollars

The blogosphere provides a feast of investment Web sites, some of which are tasty treats and others half-baked. Here, we've identified some of the most worthwhile investing blogs. These 10 are worth visiting, whether you're a casual stockpicker or a seasoned pro in search of fresh ideas. Another way to sample the smorgasbord: Visit or, both of which aggregate other financial blogs.

The AAO Weblog

Author: Jack Ciesielski

The accounting expert publishes Analyst's Accounting Observer, a respected research service for professional investors. The green-eyeshade guru blogs about accounting topics in the news such as the financial restatements at HealthSouth or the woes of public pension funds. The sophisticated analysis can be dense for casual readers, but is top-notch.

The Asset Allocator

Author: Anonymous

Packed with links, charts, cartoons, and pithy comments about the markets and economy, this site is fun, newsy, and entertaining. The author doesn't offer much concrete investing advice, but his blogroll links to some of the best blogs.

The Big Picture

Author: Barry Ritholtz

Ritholtz mixes technical analysis with macroeconomics to come up with some insightful calls on the direction of the stock market. He also throws in, as he puts it, "a dash of tech, film, & music." It makes for a lively mix.

Author: Michelle Leder

Author of Financial Fine Print: Uncovering a Company's True Value scours through SEC filings to find juicy items like relatives on a company's payroll, how much execs are using the corporate jet, and many otherwise hidden tidbits. You can search by company, plus she's got a good "cheat sheet" for interpreting filings.

Free Money Finance

Author: Anonymous

A 41-year-old Michigan man who works in marketing launched this blog in April and already offers an inspiring mix of timeless investing wisdom and money-making ideas. Recent posts discussed the best advice from personal-finance bloggers and offered a "Money Saving Tip."

The Kirk Report

Author: Charles E. Kirk

An individual investor chronicles his stock trades from his living room in a small Minnesota town. He provides market and economic commentary and "Random Thoughts & Readings," packed with interesting links. Many Wall Street pros check out what he has to say.

Jeff Matthews Is Not Making This Up

Author: Jeff Matthews

Matthews runs money for RAM Partners, a hedge fund, and also writes for He has a tendency to ramble and employs plenty of sarcasm but gives rare insight into the unorthodox thinking of a hedge fund manager. Now the site is discussing, hedge fund losses, and Tyco International.

Random Roger's Big Picture

Author: Roger Nusbaum

The 39-year-old portfolio manager in Prescott, Ariz., writes a few posts a day about investing strategies, with emphasis on asset allocation, foreign stocks, exchange-traded funds, and options. Lots of traffic on the effects of high oil prices and CNOOC's bid to acquire Unocal.

Andrew Tobias: Money and Other Subjects

Author: Andrew Tobias

He wrote the best-seller, The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need, and is treasurer of the Democratic National Committee. The personable Tobias mixes down-to-earth advice, left-leaning political commentary, and humorous asides. Recent posts discussed shares of retailer Syms and Pre-Paid Legal Services.

The Wealthy Blogger

Author: Mike Hillyer & Jeremy C. Wright

Though they don't claim great wealth, these two say they started this blog "to make money...and to teach people how to get out of debt, plan their futures and eventually become millionaires." They run stock contests and discuss ways to reduce debt.

By Karyn McCormack and Amey Stone

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