Yahoo is testing blog and RSS search

Yahoo appears to be developing a search tool for blog and RSS
Stephen Baker

Steve Rubel uncovered what appears to be Yahoo's new blog search site. He features a screen grab of it. While Yahoo has since apparently taken down the site, the point is clear: Yahoo and the other Web powerhouses, including Google and Microsoft, are racing to develop blog search tools.

How does the blog search market stand now? It's hard to analyse, because each service offers different flavors of blog search and RSS subscription. But here's a study prepared by Hitwise, New York-based online measurement company. Download file The chart, which measures Web site visits, especially underplays the importance of RSS players like PubSub, whose power is measured by feeds delivered and not site visits. Still, catch the growth at Technorati. Its traffic, which is probably a fair proxy for global blog activity, appears to have quintupled since Christmas. Small wonder Yahoo is pounding on the door.