Guess How Much These Houses Cost

Peter Coy

How much do these two four-bedroom houses cost?
Clue #1: They're in different cities.

Clue #2: The house in the big picture on top is in Youngstown, Ohio, which is listed by the National Association of Realtors as the cheapest metro area for housing in the U.S.

Clue #3: The house in the little picture on the bottom is in Saratoga, Calif., which is in the San Francisco Bay area, which the NAR says is the metro area with the most expensive housing in the country.

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Youngstown house: $49,900, listed by D'Amico Agency
Saratoga house: $3,999,000, listed by Intero Real Estate Services

Hmmmm. Which to buy? On the one hand, just the 5% commission on the Saratoga house would be enough to buy the Youngstown house four times over. On the other hand, it's a long commute from Youngstown to the Bay Area. On the other other hand, the most you can possibly lose on the Youngstown house is $49,900. Tough call ....