The Continuing Saga of Blogs and Biking

Major trade magazine for biking industry does story on blogging and the bicycle biz.
Heather Green

Probably the last post on this thread (worst part is it's late...)

Heard from our blogging biker buddies last week, who reported that the bicycle industry's big trade magazine BRaIN did a front page story entitled "Companies Learn to Blog the Bikeosphere," which is all about blogging and how it can help the biking biz.

Jonathan Maus, who runs the Just Riding Along blog and was interviewed for the piece said in his post about the story sums it up: "I think blogs are a great way to convey that passion to more people; whether you're a product manager, a brand manager, a shop owner, a CEO, garage innovator, whatever."

Thanks to Tim Jackson, an exec at Masi bike who is also quoted in the article, for emailing me and sorry about the delay!

A little background: Maus and Jackson met here in May after I blogged a short post about some comments Maus had made about blogging and biking. Now, they're working together on Maus' blog.

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