Brand Bush May Be Down. But Brand USA is Fine, At Least At Home.

David Kiley

President Bush may be suffering his worst approval ratings since he took office, but the good ol' USA is the top brand in America in both red states and blue, beating out Coca-Cola, Disney and Hallmark, according to Young & Rubicam Brands' BrandAsset Valuator. The results are based on surveys of seven thousand consumers.

Consumers in both red and blue states view the USA as a "premium" brand, more of a Lincoln than a Ford if you get what I mean. Consumers were asked to assess brands based on a slew of attributes: dynamic, traditional, socially responsible, straight-forward, etc.

"Despite the much ballyhooed great cultural chasm between red states and blue states in this country, surprisingly, our survey revealed that people all over the U.S., no matter what their party affiliation, share the same, strong opinion of the USA as a brand," said Ed Lebar, EVP and managaing director of Young & Rubicam Brands.

The view of other countries in red and blue states is not so uniform. Blue states have a better view of China, as in "Made In China," than red staters. But, curiously, red staters (perhaps swayed by the red state status of Florida) have a better view of Cuba as a brand than blue staters.

If you are a John Deere-hat wearing American traveling abroad, don't be surprised if you get snubbed in Turkey, Chile and Brazil these days, which hold the U.S. in lowest esteem as a brand. You'll get much better treatment at the restaurants in the U.K., Canada, Australia and even Germany.

Have a Happy Fourth of July!