Traveling Along

Are niche blogs/podcasts/media networks dealing with slices of your life the future of digital media?
Heather Green

Got an email about travel blogs recently, and the one that really stood out is It's kind of like Flickr for travelers, It allows people to upload photos, journal entries, iteneraries, and build travel maps that can be shared with other people. Here's NYC, where I live.

It's a sleek, snappy service that could be easily paired with a travel agency or online reservation site.

So the question is, is this a glimpse of the future? Is this where we go with blogging and user-created media? Niche experiences blogged and shared differently as more and more of our lives go online?

Or maybe this kind of site truly is for that set of hardcore travelers who wander the globe much more than the rest of us mere human, and so it makes since for a small percentage of them to slice off that part of their lives and share it differently?

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