Grokster and blogging

Musings on when it makes sense to blog on breaking news and when to just keep reporting.
Heather Green

I was really wowed by how blogs took the Grokster ruling and ran with it. Whether it was Ernest Miller and his blogging, including a rapid fire posting of the different press conference calls from both sides of the case. Or the discussions at the SCOTUSblog. Or the Wall Street Journal's Grokster Roundtable (which ok, looks like a cross between a blog and a discussion board).

What struck me, though, was that I was so busy reporting that I didn't have time to blog and dive into the conversation. I had over a dozen interviews on Monday, along with the frantic calling to get people.

And that's the whole frustrating riddle--at least when it comes to breaking news. When does it make sense to stop reporting and blog, which I want to do? And when should I keep reporting madly for an article that I am also very excited about writing?

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