When Advertising Becomes Information--that's gold.

David Kiley

Last night in the 90 minutes I watched a bit of TV, I saw two TV commercials for General Motors' big discounts in which they are selling vehicles to the public at the employee price. I am not in the market for a car, and won't be for at least two years or more. I also saw a dog food ad. I don't own a dog and don't intend to. I also saw an ad for the Fantastic Four, a movie I won't go to see this summer even if it was playing across the street and I had a free babysitter. It's not my cup of tea, though I might consider watching it on one of my pay cable channels when it comes around. So much advertising and so little of it relevant to me. No wonder I use my Comcast DVR and remote to skip ads and bounce back and forth between my show, a ballgame and CNN while the ads are playing. I get especially ticked off when all the channels are running irrelevant ads at once an I can't avoid any of them.

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