Target: Apple

Cliff Edwards

Is there really room in the market for yet another digital music player? Stereo maker JVC seems to think so. The company just announced it in July will begin selling two flash memory players in the requisite 512 MB and 1 gigabyte sizes for $150 and $200, respectively.
Is it just me, or does it seem a little foolish to try to take on the incumbent king of the market, Apple, with a player that will compete with an iPod Shuffle that sells for $50 less in each size category? Sure, JVC’s XA-MP101 and XA-MP51 will have plenty of extra features, including FM tuner,voice recorder,FM stereo recording from the tuner, five preset equalization modes, playlist editing and bass boost. But just about every device on the market is filled with loads of goodies--and guess who controls upwards of 85% of the market?
With rumors that Apple is planning to new editions to the Shuffle and iPod Mini lineups soon to keep its momentum going, it this yet another exercise in futility?

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