Off To A Good Start

SmallBiz receives two press awards

We won! We've had the great pleasure lately of repeating that phrase around the office.

On Mar. 16, BusinessWeek SmallBiz received the 51st annual Jesse M. Neal National Business Journalism Award for the best startup magazine of 2004. On Apr. 29, we found out that SmallBiz will also be receiving an award for best startup from the American Society of Business Publications Editors. We're honored.

Our good fortune is the result of a terrific effort by a number of people. On the business side, we're lucky to have the support of BusinessWeek President Bill Kupper and Senior Vice-President Geoff Dodge, who championed SmallBiz before we even knew just what type of magazine it would be.

On the editorial side, I would like to thank:

* Edith Gutierrez, our art director, for keeping SmallBiz looking bold, fresh, and inviting. She's ably assisted by Bernice Pfluger.

* Kathleen Moore, our photo editor, for assigning photography that brings our stories to life.

* Susan Price, our deputy editor, for doing yeoman's work in shaping our stories.

* Copy Chief Marc Miller for asking questions that other editors can't believe they missed.

* Close editors Larry Dark and Robert Rosenberg for making the very last corrections before we print.

* Susan Fingerhut, Peter Niceberg, and Ilse Walton, our production team, for getting SmallBiz out the door while they wrestle with the weekly issues of BusinessWeek.

* Joni Danaher and her team for creating our punchy graphics.

* James Leone and his imaging staff for tweaking our photos to get the most out of the printing process.

* Mauro Vaisman and his technology group, and Jaime Russell and her research team. We couldn't do it without them, and wouldn't want to try.

We also benefit from the guidance of Mark Morrison, Malcolm Frouman, and Larry Lippmann. They are BusinessWeek's Managing Editor, Art Director, and Picture Editor, respectively. They give us tremendous feedback even as they keep BusinessWeek humming.

The point of these awards, of course, is not just to boost our egos. It's to encourage top-notch journalism. If we can produce that kind of journalism, we believe that in the end, it's the reader who wins.


Kimberly Weisul

Editor, BusinessWeek SmallBiz

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